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    Albertina Manaças decided after specializing in clinical oncology, to declare war  on cervical cancer and now encourages both men and women to join the cause of combating the disease, starting with awareness-raising.

    "It begins as a silent disease, but then ends up in more advanced stages debilitating its victims and killing them as well," she said.
    Shortly after completing her training, Albertina Manaças devoted herself with other newly graduated friends, she remembers going through informal markets to raise awareness about the disease.
    "We were ready for the fight, today we continue with the struggle of awareness and treatment, but we expect now to be contacted by institutions", she said.
    One of these contacts was made recently by BPC as part of a cycle of internal talks, calling on the Angolan Institute of Cancer Control (IACC), to speak to the banks executives, employees and collaborators, on Cervical uterus Cancer.
    "This is not our strength zone, so we are here to learn more than talk" acknowledged the Chairman of BPC, Paixão Júnior.
    "Our institution is mostly made up of women, so that our presence here is, above all, in solidarity with our sisters. But I'm also surprised by the information that this cancer can affect men and that silence and shame, for those who are affected by it, eventually shorten the life of those who suffer it, "said the Chairman.


    Indeed, uterus cancer is indeed a silent killer: by June of this year, 2016, were taken to the IACC 97 cases.
    Worldwide, occurred in 2015, more than 523,000 cases, of which 270 000 have ended in death. In Angola, cervical cancer is the second most common after breast cancer. Of the 18 provinces of Angola, Luanda has the only specialized hospital and its device that allows the radiotherapy is not working.
    Cervical Cancer develops in women cervical, more precisely in the columnar squalors union in inside cervical canal or the portion of the uterine cervical. It is, indeed, the second leading cause of cancer death among young women aged 15 to 45 years worldwide, surpassed only by breast cancer.
    The risk factors related to the disease are, among others, infection with the human papilloma virus (HPV 16,18 and 31), the first sexual intercourse at an early age (before 18 years), multiple sexual partners who have had many sexual partners, number of pregnancies, presence of a type of HPV associated cancer, genital infections and exposure to nicotine.
    The most notable signs and symptoms are in particular reddish discharge with consistency, bleeding between periods, bleeding during intercourse, lower back pain or leg, anemia and symptoms of kidney failure.
    "Of the approaches that we always say that prevention is cheaper than cure," recalls Albertina Manaças.

    Healing Pathways

    As preventive measures, IACC advances: maintenance of intimate hygiene, single sexual partner, condom use in casual sex, regular consultations on genecology and 3 Papinicolau test in three years.

     In cases requiring treatment, four are the most frequently applied methods, including surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and brachytherapy.


    "When we treat women, we must also deal with her husband. However, often the husband rejects treatment. In some cases, it is because many of them (husbands) have more than one partner. In these situations, it is necessary that all involved in the relationship receive treatment, "said Albertina Manaças.

    "In cases requiring surgery, we advise women to always resort to a third opinion. We have cases of women who, in some provinces, undergo surgery in which it is removed their uteri. There were even  cases that a foreign doctor was even expelled from the country for damages caused to patients, said the oncologist.
     "After listening to the reports, so ably reported by Dr. Albertina, who in a practical way showed us the impact of the disease, causes and treatment procedures,  within the social responsibility of the BPC, our institution joins the cause of this fight, "said the Administrator of BPC Fátima Silveira.

    Likewise the Administrator, dozens of BPC employees participated in the series of lectures organized by the Marketing and Information Department and could, with the oncologist, ask questions about the disease, its form of contraction, combat and some apart the care group received individual advice.


    "It's very good to see that, for this disease, we have trained Angolan experts such as Dr. Albertina," acknowledged one of the participants.

    " She is a great expert and she is passionate about what she does. We came out of this session as real monitors, " concluded the Administrator Fátima Silveira, to end the act organized at the National School of Administration (ENAD), in Luanda.

     Source: DMI / BPC





Albertina Manaças decided after specializing in clinical oncology, to declare war on cervical cancer and now encourages...